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DEMO-DOZER 6-in-1 Grapple Bucket

The skid steer loader is an extremely versatile machine, but most attachments designed for it have restricted its true efficient nature—until now.  Designed by a demolition contractor, the Demo-Dozer grapple bucket is the most versatile attachment for skid steer loaders on the market today.

The patented 6-in-1 design lets you grapple, tear, handle logs, blade, high volume scoops and clamp down on any material. An optional digging edge (the Rezloh™ edge) adds the additional versatility of a digging bucket.

Demo-Dozer grapple bucket is a very unique attachment simply because it allows you to perform a large number of tasks without having to change attachments. This in turn reduces your time and labor on jobs, increasing your profit and less machine operation time. The Demo-Dozer grapple bucket also reduces the weight on your tow vehicle, due to the fact you do not have to haul as many attachments to the job site. The versatility of the Demo-Dozer grapple bucket is only limited by your imagination. 

Standard Equipment on every Demo Dozer Bucket
* 5000 psi rebuildable cylinders
* 1/2" steel side wall thickness
* Flat-face connectors
* Removable side plates
* Quick-Tach connection plate (fits all skid steers)
* Machined recessed grease zerks (on blue versions only)

Sizes Available: 60", 66", 72", 78", 84"
Grapple Bucket
High Volume Bucket
Log Handler
Dozer Bucket Blade
Custom Tool Carrier